100_3640_5 *twelve* inches of snow!  We knew a winter storm was coming, they warned travelers about the dangers, people were out in flocks at the grocery store for fear of being stranded without food.  Why does no one look forward to snow?  I so fondly remember playing in the snow as a child.  Reveling in it!  Jumping and crawling and tunneling through it.  It seem as we get older, we tend to lose the wonder of snow and instead, grumble about the inconvenience and the mess.  Not me!  Colin got out of bed, looked out the window at our backyard and *squealed* with glee!  10,000 square feet of wonderland for him to explore.  He trooped out there several times.  Played with the dog.  I wandered out there during naptime to knock the snow off the trees; they were practically lying down on the ground from the heavy, wet snow.  I took my broom and proceeded to swipe at the laden branches, showering myself in cold white.  I wasn't even wearing gloves and my hands were so pink and numb.  I felt alive!

Russell got home, changed clothes and played with Colin.  They made a snowman and Colin named him "Frosty Jack."  The next day, the sun came and melted our snowman.  His head fell off, the carrot nose is lost somewhere.  The demise of a snowman. The culprit?  The almost Spring Sun.

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