Within the Waves Pastel Painting

This week’s YouTube installment has me painting a scene from a favorite memory: The last night spent with friends on the Kona coast of The Big Island. Laughing, watching the waves, talking, being quiet. We felt like the luckiest people on Earth to see and share that moment together. The sun setting and the waves crashing…I can hear and see it even now!

I’ve painted this scene before on a larger scale.  The painting “The Last Evening There” is available here.  It was a fun challenge to whittle the painting down to this smaller size (finished version is about 8.5×4.25″).  Painting small works forces you into less marks and more refined decisions.  Focusing on the key elements is imperative because basically, there’s no room for all of them! It is a challenge to work those big sticks in such a small area and if you’re struggling with small works pieces, I encourage to work as small as you can with as few marks as possible.

I used a limited palette of blues, earthy magenta-browns, and corals in various brands.  Here are a few links to supplies I used in the video:

Do you revisit your paintings?  I find it very educational and inspiring to paint some scenes again a year or two apart.  My skill-level has improved and I see the piece in a different light than I did before.  It’s fun to compare style and marks and encouraging to see growth and improvement.

“Within the Waves” is available for purchase here. (Click Link)


Visit my Resources page for more information on the supplies I use! I also have a Youtube/Blog page for those searching for the videos I’ve produced along with their accompanying blog posts.  The page will help you from having to dig around too much.

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