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Today began Operation Yard Cleanup 2010.  With it also came blisters and burning shoulders and bent back and broken rake.  So add that to the list…

With it came worms and dog poop (yuck) and sticks and grass and tricycles.  Windows flung open (okay I can't really "fling" my windows open as they go up and down but that doesn't sound near as exciting) and weeds pulled.  I only got about 1/4 of the yard raked (it's big, big) but it felt good to feel the sun on my back and to see the kids pulling the red wagon around filling it with sticks too big and old toy cars sunk deep in the winter-cold mud.  We found lots of pinecones and leaves of all kinds.  

I had to stop when my hands felt blistery and sweet R texted me "honey, wear gloves."  But I kinda like the raw blistery feeling.  (Maybe not tomorrow) Dirt under fingernails and the smell of cold earth.



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