Whew! 2009?

When did that happen?  Colin is now *eight?*  Next year will be 2010?  My baby girl will be *two* in April??  Oh my!  Camera is on the fritz.  Repainting and painting the house some more.  TWELVE different colors tried on the walls of the hallway.  Big parties over here.  Spiced almonds.  Rearranging furniture. Starving artist show makes my walls look pretty.  Christmas decorations still hanging on.  Wind blowing on a too-warm January day.  Chuga sleeping.  House quieter than it has been in a month.  Loads of laundry.  Dreams about the things "to-do" this year.  Taking up a new-found art.  Am obsessed as usual when tackling something new.  Starting to get organized.  Eating almonds and drinking more water.  Happy for a break from busy, busy and loving being home and having time to do the things I have wanted.  ­čÖé

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