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200px-Sense_and_sensibility Yesterday was a perfectly beautiful day….went shopping at the marvelous Target.  Lovely baby shower (I won a candle!) and then home to a quiet house.  Hubby and kids off on an adventure so I decided to work on my displays for the upcoming craft show and watch a movie.  My "go-to" movies of choice on occasions like this are invariably Sense and Sensibility and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon200px-Crouching_tiger_hidden_dragon_poster I didn't even realize until after I popped the latter in that they're both directed by Ang Lee!  I knew this in the back of my brain, but didn't really know it, so to speak.  Now, Crouching Tiger isn't the easiest movie to watch when you have work to do and aren't focused (as there are subtitles to read)…but the imagery and story are so amazing and captivating.  One of my top three favorite movies. 

The kids and hubby got back right at the end during one of the amazingly graceful sword-fight scenes and the boys were so captivated.  They were "sword-fighting" for the rest of the night…

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  1. Heidi September 17, 2008 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    It’s important to take some time for your self.I’m glad you had a great time for your self.

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