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What music brings back memories?

I was just going through my iTunes list – clearing some songs I won’t ever listen to off of my iPod…(Yes, I still LOVE it!) and started listening to songs that I thought "Huh, haven’t thought about that in a long time…"

Such as:

Billy Vera and the Beaters: At this Moment  Who didn’t watch this episode of  Family Ties?

Blues Traveler: Run-Around  I so wanted to be able to sing all the words to this song…

Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart  I was in a drug-free "performance" group in Junior High called S.W.A.T = Students Working All Together.  We would travel around to elementary schools dressed up like "drugs" – I was PCP.  We performed a "skit" to this song about a couple who got separated by drugs and we thought it was SO cool.  I really wanted to be the pretty girl who got "trapped" by the drugs.  It was so dramatic and she was popular.  Alas, I had to stay PCP in my red t-shirt…

Cranberries: No Need to Argue   I listened to the Cranberries incessantly for about a year.  It was at the height of the 90’s and I was dating boys that made me happy and boys that made me sad.  These songs really were cathartic in a way….I do remember one boy who introduced me to the Cranberries by saying "have you heard of this new Australian group called the Cranberries?  They’re two sisters and have great music!"  Needless to say, they were Irish and there was only one girl…and the rest of them were boys….  haha!

UB40: Red Red Wine   I so specifically remember being in P.E.  (wasn’t cool enough to be in "Athletics")  and we were working on  our pyramids (don’t ask) and this song was playing over the jam box we had sitting out.  I have loved this song ever since.  Really, really loved this song.

Isn’t it amazing how many memories a specific song can bring back?  Every one of them seems to have a story and therefore it really takes you back to listen.  What are the songs that bring back memories to you?

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