Daddyfishing This is a picture of my daddy (in the forefront).  Doesn't he look like Huck Finn?  Or Tom Sawyer?

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of his death and always a sad, melancholy and reflective day for me.  I pondered not even posting anything about it but then, why not?  I *want* people to know how wonderful a daddy he was and how blessed I am to have called him mine.  He was sensitive and funny and gentle and strong and dedicated and loyal and loving.  He loved the outdoors – bringing home little pine tree saplings that *should not* have lived here in the Texas Panhandle; he would nurse them and baby them until they grew – and they're still alive in the backyard right now!!  He loved his animals.  He loved Texas Tech (and hated it when they lost – especially to the Aggies).   He loved his old Suburban.  He loved The Beatles and "Hooked on Classics."  He loved to listen to marching bands and loved scary movies (even though my mom didn't).  He loved God and he loved to read his Bible.  He loved to eat BIG peanut butter sandwiches (remember Jessica??) and loved cookies and cake and brownies and ice cream.

I wish that Colin and Benjamin knew him.  Looking at this picture of him, reminds me of them – and that makes me smile.  He is *in* them.