It was a chilly evening somewhere between sun up and sun down.  We had scheduled the week before but snow and freezing temperatures caused a reschedule.  I pulled up early and waited for a bit in my car then got out to check the grounds and make sure no snakes were lurking in the bushes.  Shooting outside here in Texas, in rough fields choked with cactus and yucca, you can't ever be too careful.  

Then they came and we waved at each other through car windows, smiled curiously at one another and I immediately thought.  "Oh my.  Gorgeous family."


We marched over in single file through the tall grasses to find this cozy little spot.  The light was overcast and they had no problem snuggling together…

Sweet Miss A was absolutely amazing. Isn't she beautiful?

I mean, seriously?

And handsome Mr. R?

It doesn't get much cuter…

And littlest little D.  The baby and very much adored one.  Comfortable in mama's arms.

And by mama's side…


We sat and played and giggled.  I told them to snuggle and cuddle.  

They were good at following directions:

Really, really good:

And then sun peeked out it's sleepy head…

for one last look around.

And then it was time to go….