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My mind has been wonderfully "loose" this week.  I love the week after a project (or several!) is complete.  The weight lifts and the freedom of possiblity sets in.  I’ve spent some wonderful time with the boys – playing and laughing and learning and relaxing.  We just got back from visiting The Discovery Center – a place that although might seem a bit tiresome to me (do the exhibits EVER change??) the boys truly love.  Although, I did ask Colin what his favorite part of visiting was and he said "The snacks.  I like getting the snacks out of the machines."  Who knew that vending machines were so delightful?  Of course, I’ve put money in them for years and, only when looking through a child’s eyes, realize that it IS pretty neat!  We had Famous Amos cookies and lemonade.  Came home just in time for Benjamin to drop off to sleep with sticky lemonade hands and dusty cookie lips.

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  1. Leah August 11, 2006 at 7:31 am - Reply

    Yes! I know and love that “loose” feeling too. Cool…enjoy! Colin’s comment is too cute! ­čÖé

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