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Two Weeks….

Dsc_0031_2 and more beautiful by the day.   Had a small photo shoot yesterday – haven’t gone through all the pictures but loved this little expression.  What a cute furrowed brow!

Dsc_0084 The boys are doing well – it has helped so much that Russell has had time off from work and has been really helpful to me.  I’ve gotten spoiled with him here and will miss him when he returns to work…The boys will really miss him as well.  Benjamin is constantly asking to "swing on my bowim!" (bottom) He says this because he can swing by himself on his tummy but much prefers one of us to push him.  Colin has enjoyed coming home from school everyday to Daddy and getting to play baseball and run errands and otherwise be with his idol.  He is such a good daddy.

Annie is a doll.  She is waking for longer periods now and showing us her little personality already. I try not to be too sentimental but I want to remember all these little moments with her. 

We planted flowers in our pots this week with the boys (on Wednesday which, by the way, was the Full Flower Moon – wonder if that’ll help the garden grow?) I’m also anxiously awaiting our first roses….they are ready to pop open and I’m ready with camera in hand!

Speaking of…..Annie is asleep and cuddly looking.  I’m off to take her picture….

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  1. Leah May 4, 2007 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    Whoaaa, baby. ­čÖé I can see how she has been changing already. That’s so cool, hee!

  2. Shannon Taylor May 7, 2007 at 7:58 am - Reply

    Oh Bethany, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love!! I can’t wait to see even more photos from this shoot! You are super photographer!!!

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