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Two quotes.

The secret of happiness is freedom.  The secret of freedom is courage.


The secret of happiness is time off.  The secret of time off is good babysitters.

~Bethany Fields

So anyone guess what this is about?  Could it possibly be that *we’re going to Hawaii in three and a half weeks??????!!!!!!"  Could it possibly be so????  If your answer is "yes!" then you are a WINNER!!  We’re going for a short little week in July and are so over-the-top happy about it…..

🙂  I wanted to surprise Russell with this trip, but anyone who knows me know that I have a really hard time keeping surprises under wraps…(my own…not other people’s surprises…oh, you know what I mean!)  Anyhoo,  it all began when as a wee little girl I declared to my Daddy (was it for Father’s Day?) that "you’ll NEVER guess what we got you to cut pizza with!!!!" (ummm….a pizza cutter?  lol!) and thus a story my mother loves to tell was born.

I love to give presents.  It’s REALLY hard (okay – pretty darn impossible) for me to wait till a specific day to give presents.  I just am SO EXCITED to give them and more than anything, love the expressions on a face when a truly great, thoughtful gift is given….

So, when R comes home from work yesterday all hum-drum…I can’t hold it in!!!  🙂 

I think he’s still in shock  (me too!)

P.S.  The expression?  Priceless…

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