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It was easy to love D'Neise and Trey.  Pulling up behind me and hopping out of the car, we immediately clicked and I knew we would have a great time. They've been married for a couple of years…she's in school and he's working.  They are young and very much in love and wanting photos of this time in their lives.  We found some good light and started shooting…


And then he gently pulled some hair out of her face (ack!  love!!) And then I said something funny.  I've been known to do such things…


We had several locations in mind and so we quickly scooted over to a nearby park with some pretty stone walls.  Did I mention IT. WAS. FREEZING?  Like…freezing, freezing.  Not even warm at all.  Poor Trey had forgotten his coat and was willing to act happy anyway.  Plus, his wife was (and is) stunning.  What better way to warm a man's heart than a beautiful, smart and happy wife?  She was fierce.  


Oh sooooo pretty…


We then headed over to a fun "walk-around-and-window-shop" type of place that D'Neise (and I!) both love.  Her coat was adorable.  Trey was still freezing and checking in on the Cowboys game on his phone in between changes.  Did I mention what a good sport he was?  Not only cold, but also missing a football game….AND walking around shopping….WHILE getting his photo taken a la paparazzi.  He gets the hubby of the year award fer sure.

He didn't need encouragement when I asked him to snuggle his bride…


We saw a cool building with glass bricks (love them!) and these are some of my very favorites of the day:


Then the lights came on, the sun began to set.  A few more photos taken, a few more kisses and hugs and smiles.  The evening came to a close and everybody bundled into their car amidst "it was so wonderful to meet you!" and "I hope you had fun!"  and "Trey go eat some warm soup!"  and "see you soon!!" and "good luck in school!" and "did the Cowboys win?" and "bye, bye!!"

My fingers were frozen.  But my heart was snuggly and warm.



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