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I realized while looking through my photos this weekend that I've never shared this lovely shoot.  Aren't they are pretty family?  Isn't their baby precious?  Don't they look happy?  I took these photos in and around the grandmother's home (they were visiting for the holidays) and this in of itself is proof positive that you don't need to have a studio for great shots!  I tell lots of clients that I love to capture them in their own surroundings.  Trust me, I don't care about your laundry piles or if you've given the furniture a once-over with a dust rag.  (I just did that in my office and the dust made pretty swirls in the air as it proceeded to settle down once again).    *sigh*

Anyway, I normally schedule home visits in the morning as the light is lovely and buttery at that time.  I'll come in, immediately look for the best light in your home.  We may rearrange furniture.  We may move furniture outside.  We may use your garage.  We are chasing the light and having fun in the process!  I even have jokes.  I can be funny.  Seriously.

With the weather (hopefully???) warming up, I'll be gearing up!  I can't wait to meet you….


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  1. Heidi March 2, 2010 at 5:37 am - Reply

    What a beautiful photo’s. The child is so adorable.

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