I can see it!  Can you?  The end of Winter?  Sunlight and sparkle – birds chirping and returning to the yard.  Even my dog is happier.  

I know I am hyper-aware.  Searching for any tinge of green.

Today is Thursday.

I bought fake Forsythia branches for my living room – even their bright yellow cheers me.  Alas, I have no real forsythia to "force."  Someday I hope to!

The kids need to get out and play – the yard is a mudball.

Maybe that's why my dog is happy.

I have nothing new or exciting to say (as you can tell).  I'm preoccupied.  

Anxious about Russell today – they're heading to a new school with new children and new teachers.  

Tomorrow the hospital and orphanage.  

Saw him last night on Skype – he looks so darned cute!  His hair is longer and goatee filled in – *dreamy sigh*  (I always did like hippie boys).

Sorry I digressed.

Back to mindless rambling……