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Titles I almost gave to this post:

Wal-Mart with children is a nightmare.

The post office with children is a nightmare.

Going to the post office twice in one day and waiting in line with children for 30 minutes is not smart…and it's a nightmare.

Going anywhere with children that have been cooped up due to snow is a nightmare.

But then, I remembered what my mother taught me.  Being positive is contagious and you can *choose* whether or not you're going to have a bad moment/day/week. Since I try to make this blog reflect positivity most of the time, I decided not to call this post any of those things.  It's all good.  We're home now, errands ran, things mailed, yogurt (and juice and bread and  strawberry preserves and salad) bought.  And it's Friday (which always makes me happy).  And I really like my new scarf. And Russell will be home soon.  

And I bought cherry cordial Hershey's Kisses which are yummy.

And the sun came out today.

And the snow melted a lot.

Did I mention it's Friday?


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