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It’s his turn…

Dsc_0007569 Yesterday, Benjamin started his three year old Mother’s Day Out program.  He’s a bit bigger too and didn’t even look back when I dropped him off….already playing and having fun.

Dsc_0009570 He is such a funny little boy.  So gregarious, outgoing and happy.  He’s also pretty loud!   I remember Colin being three years old and thinking that the threes were much harder (as in tantrums and defiance) than the "terrible twos" you always hear about.  I still think threes are harder but also fun, fun, funny.

Benjamin in five words:

  • joyful
  • attached
  • funny
  • sensitive
  • determined

Dsc_0026571_2 My little baby who is now my "middle one."  He has a good temperament for being a middle child – content to play with or without anyone near.  He’s always quieter when Colin isn’t around and sometimes, I have to traipse around the house to figure out where he’s playing.  He’s usually in their closet or in Gillian’s room and sometimes, playing in the bathtub (of course with no water for those who now think I’m a neglectful mother….) One time I found him in the dishwasher.

Dsc_0004568 He watched me taking Colin’s pictures on his first day of school, and as soon as I got the camera, he wanted to wear his backpack and sit in the exact same spot as Colin.  He adores his older brother.  Emulating him in every way (which is sometimes a good and a not-so-good thing!) and missing him when he’s gone.  He is home with me today but was sad when Colin left for school.  He said "where is Colin going?" and when Russell said "to school!"  he said "Oh no! Not school again!!"

I would say he was adorably cute but he will tell you "I NOT cute.  I sweet."

Yes he is.

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  1. Jenipher October 12, 2007 at 9:12 pm - Reply

    Awww him too. What beautiful eyes. I’m so impressed by you, honestly. You are a super mother. With kids and a buzzing business you are amazing!
    Craft on!

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