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Thick | Amarillo Texas Photographer

We're in the thick of it.  Summer.

Trying to get the boys outside and off video games/Wii.  Colin is obsessed with all things Harry Potter after reading all seven books last month.  Shucks, he didn't even have to wait for the next one to come out like the rest of the world!  hmmmmmm.  Benjamin is obsessed with Lego Atlantis.  He's been looking non-stop at the product catalog that came with one of his toys.  He loves to build and he loves to figure things out.  He carts his creations all over the house and doesn't understand when they break that he gets to build it again (or maybe…something new!) Gillian is so girly.  She loves everything pink and while it hurts my heart to see her acting so grown up, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  

Little regular things on a wonderfully regular Saturday.  A little' vacuumin', a little laundry, a little playing.  Kids coming in and out and in and out.  Eating popsicles and thawing pork chops for grilling tonight after church.  

Love my regular days.


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