DSC_00012806  Still eating Halloween candy.  Snickers and Twix and Kit Kat are my favorite.  The kids love "Willy Wonka Nerds."  (C calls them that).  Miss G looked adorable as Miss Dorothy Gale…complete with puppy Toto, basket and (of course!) the Ruby Slippers.  I made the little apron and was proud of the way it turned out. DSC_00072807 I'm generally not a sewer of clothing but of more random craft projects but it was fun for a change!  DSC_00152812 I used a sweet little puffy tanktop as the pattern and tried to remember tips from Costuming class in college.  Boys were Ironman (Colin) and Speed-Racer (Benjamin)…We had fun visiting my Grandpa and then visiting much-loved friends and family…the night didn't last long enough and everyone was exhausted and tired….toting home memories with much-earned candy.