Today was Colin's last day of "school."  His teachers have been wonderful to him all year; he loves going and truly has learned a lot!  Thanks Miss Missy and Miss Leslie for teaching Colin!!

So, we have a whole summer ahead of us.  I so vividly remember the "last day of school" and how BIG a deal it was.  Kids would throw all of their papers up in the air and they would collect like snowdrifts in the hallway.  (Of course, me being the nerd I was and am, never  threw my papers in the hallway)  We would run out of the building and race home and feel so free.  These memories were made when I was much older than Colin is now and he has many years of school ahead of him…and many summer vacations.  This summer we want to:

  • go to the library and listen to storytime
  • go to the swimming pool and maybe take lessons
  • eat lots of popsicles
  • run in the Elmo Sprinkler
  • go to the mountains
  • go hiking in Palo Duro Canyon
  • go to the zoo
  • have friends over to play
  • get a swingset

What are your plans for summer vacation?