you have a problem….

I am a blog-stalker.

I don't know what the next step is (I guess that is a good thing!) but have decided to declare my little secret – I love reading blogs.  I rarely, if ever, comment on them.  Partly for the reason that some of the people whom I read (whom? who? Jessica-which is it?) don't have a clue as to who I am and this makes me feel embarassed and feeling like a stalker – or a peeping Tom. 

So, without furter ado, here are my favorite blogs to read; some of them have been long listed over there in the right column and are all good friends and inspire me on a daily basis.  Some of the others are people whom (did I get it right?) I admire or find terribly funny even though I've never met or talked to any of them.   Some of them are more informative in nature, some witty, some inspiring.  Maybe you'll find a favorite among them…these are mine.










So, maybe this'll keep you busy one day when you're bored and have nothing better to do than look at the "Sale" section at The Pottery Barn or peruse your queue at Netflix.

There are other out there that I look at occasionally…probably not more often because there's only so much time for whiling (again – did I spell that right) away the hours. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I've already got some great Friday Favorites planned.