The Way Home – Texas Pastel Artist

The Way Home

I’m always fascinated with street and urban paintings.  I love artists who incorporate streetlights and highway markers and telephone poles.  Something about adding them to the landscape adds a human element (since, I guess all those things are man made!)  I don’t love to paint wildlife or do portraiture, so this is my way of adding movement and story to my work.  I have been playing with darker skies and moodier feelings in pastels.  It is a bit intimidating at first to pull out the dark pastels for a sky.  Something in me fights against it even though I see dark skies and moody clouds daily!  Texas doesn’t have a lot of trees (in my neck of the woods plains anyway — see what I did there? haha) but we do have sky sky and more sky and lately, the clouds have just been amazing!  Adding those dark elements brings the viewers in and adds a bit of mystery.  I’m diggin’ it.

This is “The Way Home” and is about 9×8 on sanded paper.



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