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The Slow Way – Pastel Painter


The Slow Way – 8×8 on Uart

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It’s late late at night and the rain is keeping me awake.  It’s beating against my windows in sheets and every time my eyes start to close, I am wakened by rumblings of thunder and the plip plop of rain drops.  My oldest started high school football practice today (ahem…yesterday as it’s after midnight right now) and just like that, summer is gone.  Million things to do before my three walk back into the classroom and it’s an, exciting, stressful, bittersweet transition from lazy home days to busy school days.  You know the feeling.

On days like this the world presses on me.  My mind races with all the things on the list, how to get it all done, and how much it all costs! Everyone needs backpacks and shoes, supplies and clothes.  Gillian made a list today that included “Beanie-Boo to clip on to my backpack” and she also asked me for new “tinnashoes.”  Oh…my heart, I’ll keep that little note for the rest of my life.

The rain has softened and now I’m sitting here tired and sentimental.  It’s time for me to try to sleep again and rise in the morning full of hope and joy for the day ahead.  The steady march of the month of August can’t be stopped! I’ll paint as much as possible, it grounds my day and gives me pause.  I’m already missing my three while I’m thinking of school, and they’re safely tucked upstairs sound asleep.  The rain didn’t even wake them.



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