The Prater Family | Amarillo Family Photographer

This session still brings a smile to my face and warmth down to the tips of my toes.  Such a fun night with a family that just feels right.  Like one I would have over for a cook-out, not even worrying if I had dirty dishes in the sink or curlers in my hair.

I’ve created a personalized website just for them, so please go on over to view it by clicking here!  Here are a few of my favorites…

This girl is seriously cute.  And photogenic.  And endearing.  I could photograph her and talk with her and play with her all. day.  This dress was very special to her.

I just love this one.  Both such beautiful souls.

Kids happy and content.  Ahhhh…just the two of them.  🙂

Look at his gorgeous eyelashes!!

I could post about 99 more gorgeous photos but I’ll hold back. Make sure you click above to go to their site!  I just love creating them!! Leave a comment for this sweet family!

Thank you so much D and C!

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