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The first morning….and “the ants did it”

So, I've been doing a lot of blog surfing  lately….I enjoy reading and seeing pretty things and pictures.  That's about as philosophical as I'll get about it.  I came upon a wonderful idea and something that speaks to my heart….about touching the present and remembering those little details that are so often forgotten.  This wonderful idea is the brainchild of two pretty neat ladies.  There is a book about the mornings, and a book (coming this summer!) about the evenings.  They also have a blog

Isn't this a neat idea?  Wouldn't you love to have a record like this to show your children?  I know I would. And it inspired me…something that is kind of hard to do lately, I must say. (why is that?  humph.) 

So here is my "first morning."  I can't promise that there will be an "every morning" to this series, but I hope to capture something about our lives….our loves….our habits….the things that we see and don't see all in the same breath.  The small things that make us smile and that have blessed us. 


EDITED TO ADD:  I know I promised "the ants did it" but this morning project took all…well, morning!  I am hopefully going to be a bit better at it now that I have figured out my format.  I promise I'll let you in on the ants latuh. ­čÖé

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