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Shine Thank you for all the wonderful emails and comments about our happy news! ­čÖé  I have been anxious to spill the beans over at Craft TV and am so glad that now, everyone knows! 

I am due in approximately 5 1/2 weeks and am really starting to feel big.  I don’t think I’m waddling just yet but there are times when I feel like it! 

In other news….well, there really isn’t any other news! Here is another page from days gone by – and this one features acrylic painting (I use this on practically all of my pages) and photo distressing.  I liked the ethereal look of the pictures and printed the two of baby Benjamin on regular cardstock.  I also sanded the edges of the large mobile picture….

This main background paper is actually Christmas paper – but with the right words covered up, you can’t tell!  Don’t be afraid to use theme-y paper!  I painted and distressed the large wooden "B."

Happy Crafting!

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