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TBT – July 4th

Is it against the law to hashtag TBT to just a few weeks ago?  Minor throwback?  Because if it isn’t, here’s a pic I shared on my recent newsletter and you might/might not have seen in a mini-slideshow I made rounding up the summer o’ 2015 a few posts back.

Let me set the scene….

A darkened night.  Crickets chirping.  Little girls laughing and running back and forth inside and outside with a door slamming.  Lawnchairs lined up in a row, some softly creaking.  The quiet murmurs of adults talking.  Fireworks!! Laughing!  Then a chorus of voices singing all the patriotic songs we could think of….including resounding choruses of John Philip Sousa‘s most famous marches.  (I rock the piccolo solo, btw).  Lots of boys, young (and pretending to be), setting the night sky ablaze.

I do believe that this year July 4th just became my new favorite holiday.





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