summertime feet are my favorite.  These are Colin's – this morning on the back porch while I let him and Benjamin play in buckets of water.  Benjamin loves to splash in water and today was a nice morning to just let them have at it.  Colin's toe is doing well – you'd never know it was hurt if he didn't insist on wearing his Incredibles band-aids and having to have it soaked twice a day.  BTW – You can't see his little injury from this picture – it's the other foot!

We've been having relaxing days at home this week.  Yesterday I took the boys to the Discovery Center here in town and let them play.  It's been about 100 F here everyday and so HOT to go and play in the middle of the afternoon. 

I've been wanting to scrapbook lately too!  I'm so excited about my new camera and have even been learning some Photoshop techniques and have some neat moments I don't want to forget.  I can't believe it's already late July.  It seems like only yesterday it was March.  And I've just now gotten used to writing "2005" on my checks.  Augh!

Well, it's snacktime….gotta go! 

I leave you with another cute summertime porch picture…