Summer Reflection | Amarillo Texas Photographer

Hot summer days.

Watering in the cool of the morning.

Reflections off warm pavement.

I live for days like these.  My children by my side and the simple beauty of life overwhelming me. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and the back-to-school aisles truly made my heart sink.  I’m not ready for all of that yet.  I want to make jam and laze around at the pool.  I want to draw with chalk and play hopscotch.  I want to sit in lawn chairs and watch the kids run and ride their bikes.  I want to memorize their sun speckled faces and the smell of chlorine in their hair.  I want to eat juicy strawberries and tons of zucchini. I want to hold Russell’s hand and gaze at the stars late, late at night.

Early morning reflections.


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