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Strawberry – Texas Artist Bethany Fields

Who doesn’t love strawberries?  I guess at this point in my paintings I was on a fruit kick.  This one could hardly be described as realism but I love the truly happy colors.  I have a whimsical heart and contemplated hanging this one in my sweet Gillian’s room.  She loves a good berry!

I haven’t painted many “still life” paintings – mainly because I struggle a bit with the backgrounds and making good color choices.  I need to set up a still life table/box (see here for an example).  I do love the opportunity to use these bright reds and pinks!  And greens and blues!

I have been reading art books this week as the rain came down here in the Texas Panhandle.  So wonderful and so quenching!  Two on my nightstand are Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and Daily Painting by Carol Marine.  Both wonderful and encouraging.  Carol is the artist behind – a place where I’ve begun to list my finished pieces.  I’m excited to continue working and improving daily.



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