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Highway 303 – Pastel Painter Bethany Fields


Highway 303 – 9×12 soft pastel painting on Uart
Traveling down the road recently to my friend Sarah’s house. Kids in the car, pretty day with lots of green and wildflowers.  Radio blaring singing and happy car dances.  Up ahead the traffic stopped and we had an uneventful hour on the road to sit and wait for a wreck to be cleared.  So thankful to be behind the scene and not in it.  Pictures were taken.  The car got turned off.  Windows rolled down.  Lady in the next lane getting out of her car and stalking up and down the highway, cigarette spilling ashes all over the place.

I take a picture of this stand of trees next to this bright field.  Then we move on and fields blur by and we’re in East Texas and we relax.  Summer.



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