She turned two…

in a quiet little way.  Cranberry orange muffins on the patio.  Just our little family.  Trying desperately to get her to look at the camera (I had forgotten what two can be like!).  Presents from Aunt Jessica and family.  Visits to Great-Grandpa Carter.  Hugs and kisses and "I can't believe she's two."  Little candles.  Loves from brothers.  Harry licking up muffin crumbs.  Love.

Is that muffin for me??


Gotta love Krusteaz Cranberry Orange Muffins.  Yum.  I realize that the black and white picture of the muffin isn't all that appetizing.  But, the light was weird in our kitchen and so…this.  Please don't let my picture sway your cravings of these muffins.  They are oh so good. 


Saying "cheese" at the same time as eating and picking apart her muffin. See her little scar?  It's getting so much better! Mederma everyday. 


This one is my favorite……little squeezable cheeks and kissable lips.  And the big doe eyes.  And even her hair all messy and loose.  *sigh*


It was fun.  And I wasn't even as sad as I thought I might be.  Yes, she's growing up….but still oh so little.  I'm proud of her talkative little self.  Talk about Miss Personality. We love you little Annie-Chuga!

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  1. Heidi May 9, 2009 at 11:12 am - Reply

    Happy birthday

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