She looks *thrilled* doesn't she?  Colin took this pic the other day right before I had her little stitches "photo shoot".  There's me in the background checking my email.  I like spontaneous pictures like this that you don't expect.  I like knowing that someday, I'll look at this picture and remember my little studio/room/office/hiding place had rows of ribbons and art materials in plain site.  That my little closet (at far right) had no door knob.  That I'm sitting in the chair my Grandma gave me and is pleasantly and authentically "shabby chic."  That my little globe bank sat on the shelf next to my rainy day bank (I kept those on my shelf as a child).  My "Bethany" redwood sign that my Gamama gave me is hanging in the bookshelf and that I was surrounded by color and light……and most importantly, my children.

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  1. Becca March 7, 2009 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    This is so sweet. I think you are lucky to have a room for all of those great memories and now this picture will be another added memory!
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