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Seven | Amarillo Children’s Photographer

Seven.  7?  SEVEN???

Yep ’tis true.  My sweet bundle of joy.  My soft and cuddly boy.  My happy-go-lucky and wiggly, giggly, tickly son.  There are no words…

Last night as I was thinking about you birth, how you were the only one of my three where I actually went into labor, how your birth was so calm and you were born with peace and so much joy.  How you didn’t cry at first but just looked around and regarded us all.  How you were so skinny, and couldn’t get warm, and how sleepy you were and oh, how much our hearts grew that day and everyday since.

I thought of how proud of you were are.  How you are my gentle little man, my charmer, my people-person.  My little shy guy who dearly loves to learn, and create, and build and figure things out.

I love how you play.  I love how you want me to put animals all the way around you at night.  I love your fascination with exploration and discovery.  I love the way you laugh with your eyes.  I love the way I look at you and it makes you giggle.  Really.

I just love you.

I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

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  1. Heidi June 6, 2011 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    A little bit late. But happy birthday with your son. Lovely photos.

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