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It came and went.  This September.  With it brought school.  Lunchbags and backpacks.  New teachers and nervous walks into classrooms.  Lots of dirty clothes and new tennis shoes.  We started soccer again and even started exploring Jiu Jitsu for the boys.  Gillian already feels at home there….hopping on and off the mat and going round and round and round the kicking bags.  With September we melted into a groove….slowly and surely.  A groove of early morning coffee and cereal.  Stumbling around making sandwiches and making sure shoes were tied.  Checking off homework lists and hoping for good marks on the behavior list from the teacher.  We talked a lot about our home, our wishes and dreams.  And made big plans.  We made lists and marked things off.  We poured milk and then Hershey's syrup.  We fed the fish and baby-talked Harry (our golden).  We watched the leaves fall early off the honey locust in the backyard.  It always sheds its leaves first.  We lamented about our dry grass.  We rearranged furniture and picked out paint chips at Lowe's.  We went to church and hugged necks and missed grandparents and drank glasses of wine.  We put lots of papers on the refrigerator.  Some with cereal glued down by chubby marker-stained fingers.  We tried to remember to daily count our blessings.

And there are so many…


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