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Seminole Road – Soft Pastel Painting by Bethany Fields

Seminole Road – 10.75×6″ Soft Pastel Painting on Uart

This last week I travelled to Seminole, Texas for a lovely wedding of some of my favorite clients.  Spending time with them at their wedding was unforgettable…pics of that special day to come soon!  While there, I noticed an old road amongst the absolutely gorgeous wildflowers.  We’ve had an unusually and incredibly welcome wet season and the flora has been amazing.  Seeing these colors peek out of an otherwise brown landscape have been breathtaking.

I painted this today as my daily painting (or rather, my as-often-as-I-can painting).  I liked the composition of the panorama and used my favorite paper…Uart sanded pastel paper.  I’ve been working more with my plein air set even in the house as I’m experimenting to make sure I have a good feel for the colors I’ll need when I get outside away from my studio set of pastels.  I’m still intimidated to schlep all my stuff into the great outdoors but I absolutely know it is vital to my growth as an artist.

I love my “daily paintings.”  I like creating and I like feeling that I’ve done something in the day just for pure art’s sake.  I don’t have to think about my worries, my fears.  I can put on my favorite Pandora station, focus on beauty, and being thankful that I have a heart and hands and eyes to see.

Now on to the rest of the day!



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