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Does a good deed beget a good thing?

We went on our monthly goodwill run yesterday armed with bags of clothes that we cleaned out of our closets.  I like doing this kind of thing…no time to do a big garage sale, I feel like I’m helping, and I have more room in the closet!  Yay!

When we pull up, I see this beat up, scratched and dinged awesome filing cabinet. I think "hmmmmmmmmmmm."  I get out to look at it and the sticker says…(wait for it) $6.50.  I tell Russell.."I want it."  So $7.04 later (with tax) Russell picks it up in our Pathfinder and it is now gracing the corner of my studio.

I still need to label the drawers and really figure out where I want stuff in it….but….

I love it.


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  1. jules January 15, 2006 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    I do too! This is a great find B!!

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