Sometimes you just need to remember. To remind. I used to take pictures just for me. Of my kids and my day-to-day. Of my breakfast and my earrings and my dog. I puttered around and practiced with my camera and when I had no clients and I was just starting out, I was so desperate to capture life…..

I started a Typepad blog back in February of 2005. 2005!!! That’s nine years ago! No wonder I’ve gotten off the blogging track only to get back on and off so many times. I looked back at my old blog today and it’s still mostly there except for a couple of years at the beginning where the photos from those posts have long been deleted by someone somewhere who needed more web space. More memory.

The thing is is that a lot of my memory has fuzzed. Those early baby years and young little boy years. Those stay–at-home mom years with toddlers and bottles to be cleaned. So much life in those old posts, that journal that I kept.  Ups and downs and triumphs and failures.   This was one of my favorite old posts that I stumbled upon. It made me sad at first because I had forgotten most of those things.  What they said and how they said it.  But wasn’t that the point of writing it down to begin with? To remind myself someday?  Well someday is here and I’m so glad on that day, I took the time to record my life.   That post might have been meant for today.  Today I needed to remember and to laugh.

Just last week I posted on renewing my blog site and hosting etc. All of that internet mumbo-jumbo business that sometimes gets in the way. I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad I can write. Someday, when even this day has been forgotten, maybe I’ll wander back here to this post and I’ll remember and be reminded and laugh and smile.

Yesterday I took some time to walk in my garden and take photos. Of my flowers and my dog.  Of my cute growing kids. How lucky and blessed am I.

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