I can't believe school is starting this next week.  Where did the summer go?  I try to focus on the today but always, always seem to wake up and it's tomorrow.  Reflecting on what we've done, how the kids have grown and changed, where we've gone, what we've said and laughed about, how our time is spent leaves me spinning.  

On our holiday last week, I took some time to hike and think and listen to a river.  I took one of my favorite lenses (my 105 mm Macro) and silently trekked around and about (hoping not to stumble into any poison ivy).  Breathing in and out, all I did was focus on one flower.  I think I took about 50 pictures of it.  The little flower was as big as my palm – the center as big as a dime.  Being still, manually focusing, squeezing the shutter.  



Today we are school shopping and swimming.  Maybe going to a local amusement park (uh….it's the end of the summer and this is the last week.  Tickets were bought back in May – see what I mean about the summer going fast?!)

I feel so blessed and am so thankful for everything.  

That's why, for an end of summer, beginning of school type treat, I am going to start up my giveaways again – from fabulous Etsy shops and from little ol' me.  To start it off with a bang, I am giving away one FREE session and one disc of up to five digital images!   This is a $200 value!  To enter, simply comment on this blog post.  Click on the word "comments" (located directly below this post) and that will take you to the comments form.  Be sure and leave your contact information!   

This contest will be open for five days (ending on Monday the 23rd at midnight).