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Okay.  Here's the deal.  I've tried to write this blog post three different times and have erased this blog post three different times.  I started to write something about the chuga being a stinker (but then realize that I probably don't need to tell you all over again).  I also started to write about my lack of motivation but then that came off as kind of whiny….(do NOT whine).  I also started to just post a picture but then that made me feel bad because I wouldn't want you to think that I don't feel like talking.  'Cause I do.  I'm just having one of those "all-I-did-today-was-laundry-and-clean-the-house-days" and so nothing too exciting happened to me.  Except maybe that I saw that my orchid might be trying to grow….or the fact that Gillian asked if there were hippopotamus tracks in the snow (to her credit there were rabbit tracks – so it's just logical there would be  hippo tracks too!)  Benjamin made me a heart and is writing "Ben" on everything out of sheer laziness (the "jamin" part just take s tooo long.)  And Colin is…nine ('nuf said).


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