Random things I love on this Monday:

  • I did a layout last night that just rocks my world.  Love it!  And I can’t show it! Urgh.  Hate it when that happens.
  • Back feeling oh so much better.  Still sore if I sit here too long – thus the infrequent postings as of late.
  • I love my red studio.
  • I also love my can of Coca-Cola sitting next to the keyboard.
  • My oldest is outside on a pretty cool day playing with his daddy…who is picking up the yard after our dog, Harry.  Gross, but gotta be donel.  They look like they’re having fun and I love that too.
  • I just ate a blueberry cake donut and it is 4:00 in the afternoon.
  • The Olympics are on.
  • I’ve been inspired lately and this is awesome.
  • My friends.
  • My sweet husband, who hardly ever complains and has helped me constantly for the past two weeks while I’ve been sitting in our blue chair with a heating pad.

And on that note…


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