Well, a lot of you have been e-mailing me and asking to see pictures of my new painted stool and have long been awaiting pictures of my new red studio…..keep tuned in cause I will post pictures soon!!

Today I have:

  • swept off the porch and patio (something zen about that – love it!)
  • re-potted ivy that needed it
  • uploaded more songs into my iPod!  (I'm on song number 1,992…)

I still need to:

  • dust and vacuum
  • take recycling (it's taking over my garage)
  • straighten studio
  • gather up the laundry
  • have fun cause my wonderful dh is coming home!!! (he's been in Chicago…)

and most importantly:

  • play with the boys
  • relax with my man
  • soak in the sun
  • enjoy my time
  • have a great weekend