Well, I started several new projects today without finishing the projects from yesterday.  Groan.  The good news is that I actually finished two of them!

  • Question:  How do you store your pictures "to be scrapped?"
  • My Answer:  Not very well!

Seriously, the method that I've used for years is to pull out all the pictures from the envies as soon as I get them back from the developer.  I write on a little "file" thing that goes in the photo box and file the pictures.  At the same time I'm doing this, I pull out all the pictures that I think have "potential."  (ha! that's a funny way to put it!)  I then put these pictures in a regular photo album that I can flip through whenever I'm feeling art-y.  That way, I don't have to shuffle through umpteen-bajillion photos (do you think I'm exaggerating a bit?)  to find the ones that I love.  I don't design layouts chronologically and my album contains pictures from 25 years ago (and more!).  This method has worked for me faithfully for about three years.  Then it went sour.  The problem that I encountered was that I still had pictures in the book that I pulled way back when I started scrapbooking.  I've either already done layouts on those events, used only a couple of the 10 photos I pulled for said event, or never used the photos at all.  I am NOT one to scrapbook every single picture or event in my life.  I used to think that is the way it was supposed to be – and so I had this gigantic album full of not-so-good photos that didn't inspire me…..they more like sucked the energy and inspiration out of me whenever I flipped through my album…

so what did she do about this? some may say….

Today I pulled all the old pictures that weren't "speaking" to me and re-filed them back in the old photo boxes.  I then had a lot of room to pull newer or more inspiring photos from my stash.  Voila!  Inspiration restored!  I know it's nothing really extraordinary but it felt good to finish that….

I also planted some new flowers, herbs and veggies in the garden! yea!!


What did you do today?