DSC_00892521 Pretty pillows just make me happy.  This one is now available in the shop although I very nearly didn’t list it as it just looks too darn cute. 🙂  Pillows are something I’ve longed to include to my Annie and Olive stuff and I’m just now starting to add them…albeit slowly.  I haven’t decided whether or not they’ll be ooak (one-of-a-kinds) or not.  We shall see!

African Lily cs Went to the pool today which is always so good for wearing the kiddos out.  Of course then they come home and zonk out which isn’t good for nighttime (as in, right now).  We like to stay for just a little while (an hour or so) and had grand illusions of getting things accomplished today.  Yeah, right.  I did work on some more shop things (there’s always something that needs work) but we watched Finding Nemo at the same time and so it didn’t really feel like working.

Remember I’m having a giveaway!! If you like free cupcakes and cuteness, comment on the post below – I’ll keep the giveaway open until later this week to give those who haven’t checked in (gee, I don’t know why so many have given up on me since I have been posting so regularly…haha!) a chance. 🙂