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The middle one.  The sweet one.  The snuggly one.  The quiet one.

How to describe the little one that is my Benjamin?  We sang the Bob Marley song "Jammin" all through my pregnancy – singing "BenJAMMIN, BenJAMMIN….I wanna Jam it with you!"  He would baby kick and we would smile.  He was born as sweetly as he is now.  Softly coming into the world and snuggling his deep snuggle and wiggling his toes in freedom.  

Like a warm sun after a cold day, you want more of him and his delight.  A sweet little smile, a climb onto your lap.  The way he says  "I want you" when he needs a hug or kiss.  How I loathe for him to grow out of that one.  


The past two nights I've woken the eldest for school and this little one has been found in that same bed.  Snuggled up next to his hero – seeking strength and warmth and safety.  I've also found in the past two weeks the youngest…my darling Gillian, snuggled up to her playmate and friend…that middle one who embodies warmth of his own.  

He might not know it yet and might see himself as small compared, but he is one amazing kid.  


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  1. Leigh Ann March 25, 2010 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    With his blankie(of course)! Love that boy! He is sweet and funny and wonderful!

  2. Bethany March 25, 2010 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Of course I couldn’t leave out his blanket! Just like Linus!

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