Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Always a fun day….Colin is insistent that if I’m not wearing both a green shirt and green pants that he can pinch me.  Speaking of which…do you pronounce "pinch"  like "peench" or phonetically the way it is spelled?  I say "peench."  Just FYI in case you’re ever around me on St. Paddy’s Day.

So….some people have emailed me asking about the little necklaces I’ve listed on eBay.  They’re so fun and cute and I know how much all of you want one! hee, hee.  They are made from Polymer Clay and I transfer photos onto them.  They’re wee and tiny and decorated with fun beads.  I think I’m in trouble though because I’ve just spent the last hour looking at online bead stores.  Eek!  The last time a new hobby hit me it was scrapbooking and look at where that lead….Anyway, I can personalize the necklaces with any picture – just email me and I’ll give you the details!  Here is a pic of one of them:


And here are my listings again…. 😉