Can I just say that this special Senior was one of the easiest, most relaxing sessions I've had yet this year. One look and his gentle spirit, infectious smile and kind heart just calm the room and make everyone at ease.  Patrick is a senior in Lubbock, Texas and when his mama called asking for photographs, I jumped in my car and headed South.  


I love going to Lubbock for sessions.  Not only is it sort of like "going home" ( I lived there through college and the hubby is a proud Lubbockite), it's always great to get out of comfort zones and explore new places and locations.  We drove around, parked and walked around whenever we saw something cool.  


Patrick has talent oozing from him.  He has these two great guitars and at one point, I asked "oh!  are you playing John Mayer?"  He laughed and said "No, I wrote that."  He's very, seriously good.  I told him he should major in composition or something like that.  He just grinned back.  


Patrick will be going to Texas Tech in the Fall and since we were close, we stopped on campus for some last-of-the-beautiful-sunlight shots.  We talked about last minute Senior plans, friends and summer.  His mama looked on proudly with maybe a tear or two….she is very, very proud.



 And she should be.