On turning Five

I woke up early, put the monkey bread in the oven.  Benjamin snuck into the kitchen, spied the pink balloons and asked where Daddy was.  I told him he was working out and would be back in just a second.  We waited for a bit, woke up Colin (I gotta give him creds for waking up right away and hopping out of bed sans grumblings), and crawled into her room.


She was all tired and snoozy. Warm and toasty.  Curlers in her hair and drool on her cheeks.  Clutching her baby doll and wrapped up in her quilt.  She is five today!

Yesterday I cried while shopping at Target.  Today I am so happy and thankful for my sweet girl.  She makes life funny and beautiful, joyful and silly, artistic and loving, determined and courageous.  When trying to wrap my head around her specific traits, my mind mushes together and I can’t think of any.  Because she is all of them.

Our quick photo shoot (a little chilly!) this morning.  I love her mop of curls and her silly, precocious self.  ”Mama, can I make a silly face?”

Yes.  Yes you can.



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