On this day…

Dsc_0057567 he’s a bit older.  The first day of school of his first grade year.  So exciting and momentous and wonderful!  We are so proud of this young boy and his many, many talents and abilities.  We were asked to describe him in five words to his teacher.  Colin is:

Dsc_0033565_2 Energetic





But he is also sweet, thoughtful, imaginative, loving, boisterous, dramatic, and wonderful in every way. 

Today was an anxiety-filled day for me.  I love being able to stay at home with my children and when they are away, I am a bit nervous and anxious….especially on this first day.  I cleaned and straightened up around the house to try and keep my mind away from wondering and being sad at how fast he’s growing.  By the time I look up again, he’ll be starting college.

*big sigh*

BUT he came home all happy and jumpy and excited about going back tomorrow and that makes me even so happy and at ease all over again.  He loves his friends.  He loves his school and I am so glad.

So…here’s to the first day of many first days!!


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