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Old-fashioned treat | Amarillo Fine Art Photographer

Lovin' snapshots of our regularly scheduled programming in the Fields household.  Lately….the pretty light (and choosing to focus on the light it casts through my lovely earrings INSTEAD of the dust that said sunlight also loves to highlight!)…chocolate milk treats and what a lovely simple act it is to make it for your kids after long, hard, strenuous and exhausting days. (melodramatic?  us?  no way!!)   Maybe it's because I'm getting to post and do it all on my brand-spankin' new most awesome computer in the world I've endearingly nicknamed "MacBaby." ­čśÇ  Can you see how happy I am tip-typing away to the lovely sound of my keyboard? I am, I tell ya.  Happy.  Yes.  Sooooo happy.  



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