We were standing near the foosball table at Silvercliff Ranch in Colorado.  I remember all of us girls standing a bit away from all of those boys.  The ones that were click-clacking the little plastic "men" around and trying to one up each other.  There was lots of giggling and staring and pointing. Who were these strange beings and why did they like playing foosball?  We all stood around, us girls in our camp t-shirts and colored wind shorts, the boys in their Air Jordan's and Girbaud jeans.  They were loud, we were giggly.  Each trying to get each other's attention.  High school.

That was when I first noticed Eric and Tricia noticing each other.  I didn't go to their high school but we were all in the same youth group and when I heard whispers like "Eric and Tricia are going together" I knew they were perfect for each other.  Both sweet and quiet. Their last names were even alphabetical. 

Now they have a little family and are still very sweet.  Their eyes still twinkle when they look at one another and that makes me very happy.  


This session was many things.  Family photos for Christmas cards, newborn photos for baby announcements.  Two precious little girls?  Oh!


And even though the majority of the session would be about the newest little bundle of joy.  I had to get Miss L all by herself.  

With the family pics over and Miss L and daddy off to McDonald's, Mama and I got to focus on sweet baby M.


I love baby lips.  


We had fun playing dress up with different hair doo-dads.  

And then it was time for a break to eat and cuddle.  This little guy gal had been a faithful assistant throughout the morning.  I had to get a pic.



Don't you just want to snuggle her?


Sweet little girl, all tucked in.  


I love newborn shoots.  It's such an honor to be trusted with someone else's tiny treasure.  The sessions are quieter and a bit slower than others. They are calm (hopefully!) and warm.  Mom and I talk and laugh.  I remember my own babies and those precious first days.  Days of cuddling, wonder, joy and newfound love.  What could be better?